Portland Garden, August 2018

While August this year saw some smoky skies in Portland, it was still possible to get some close-ups of roses and other plants in my friends’ garden.  I include here some shots of the I-5 Bridge from the Columbia River shoreline in Vancouver, Washington.  The smokiness of the sky allowed for some colorful skies at sunset.  Included, too, are a couple of shots of flamenco guitars.


Eastern Oregon in B/W

John Day P0053 A few years ago I headed back to Colorado from Portland, Oregon, taking Highway 395 south to John Day, and then Highway 26 east to Ontario, Oregon.  I love this back country and wished I could somehow capture the sharp scent of horehound that rises out of pastures, the pungent smell of pine on a hot day.  These photos were originally in color, but I changed them to black and white, just to see how they might look.  I used Photoshop Elements to enhance them, after I had messed around with contrast, sharpness, and so on.  The photos were taken in 2013.  In the last two summers, traveling in the same region, the air was too smoky for clear shots.  I would like to do another photo shoot of the area around Ontario, on the Snake River, and I regret that I didn’t get more pictures of Malheur River or the Snake.