Baca Grande in the Spring

In May I’m sometimes able to do a writing retreat at “Baca,” a beautiful parcel of land near Crestone in the San Luis Valley in Colorado.  Trees are in fresh leaf and irises blossom along the creek.  Where it’s a bit drier, Indian Paintbrush sprout in sandy soil.  As the day warms up, butterflies alight on the new flowers and birds call from the trees or among the low brush.



La Jara, New Mexico, September

A good trip to New Mexico for my sister’s 70th birthday.  I had just read a chapter in Robin Kimmerer’s Braiding Sweetgrass, in which she wonders about why asters and goldenrod look so lovely together.  I had an opportunity to photograph some New Mexican asters growing up among yellow flowers….and some other cool things, including a well-camouflaged horned toad and a shy barn cat!